Clinician Portal

Patient page redesign

Iteration 1: Through the gift shop

Puts the focus on consult scheduling status and upselling by providing dynamic status and CTAs to scheduling screens. An exit through the gift shop approach.

Iteration 2: Pizza tracker-esque

Improve clarity into testing process and test workflow. This approach demystifies the testing process and shows status as a single line item with an indicator for completion

Iteration 3: Big hero info

Overall clarity improvement. Reduced the statuses to single line items rather than data points for most things. During design review this one had the most responses even though it was TWICE the information and a lot more screen real estate.


End users & stakeholders asked to have clearly emphasized and relevant data and a lot of it.

There's something to be said for breathable white space and clear information architecture.

I would have loved to have had more user data and research post deployment.

For a couple of weeks worth of design work the development process went pretty smoothly as most of the design artifacts were stubbed out in the code already.